So we know that the words “safe” and “cruising” together is something that would make some guys stop reading immediately.  For a lot of guys the whole thing about cruising is that it’s not safe, it’s the risk that turns some guys on, and that is fine. But when it comes to your health and your personal safety, it can be safer, without losing the thrill that some guys crave. 

It may surprise some of you that cruising is even still happening in society today, you would think that if a guy wanted to “Hook Up” he need only flick on his smart phone and chosen app, or hot foot it to a sauna or other “sex on premises venue” yeah? Well no… cruising is still going strong.

Wherever you are in the UK you are never too far away from a spot where you will easily find other likeminded men that want to have sex and there are websites galore to help you find these places and in some cases pre arrange a meet up. 

Unlike the approach in times gone by, the police only turn their attentions to cruising if there have been reports or formal complaints.

These cannot be ignored and must be investigated. Hence the problems some guys find with a heightened police presence in their chosen cruisy area. Usually complaints come in from the public when guys using the cruising areas have been less than discreet with their actions. 

Most of the time men cruise without getting into any trouble or difficult situations. However, it’s useful to be aware of ways to look after yourself – and other cruisers. Here are some suggestions. We’ve also included some tips for making your time cruising more enjoyable

Take Lube & Condoms

Even if you don’t plan to fuck at the cruising area, you might change your mind in the heat of the moment. If you haven’t got any condoms and lube, other guys may be happy to spare some. The Renaissance Sexual health Outreach Team are often at cruising grounds in lancashire to offer advice and free condoms and lube. Please remember our team are not there to judge or to stop you cruising, just to chat and make sure that you are safe and offer signposting into discrete testing clinics so that you can stay safe and stay healthy. 

Dress the Part

Don’t wear expensive gear, or a new pair of shoes. The ground may be muddy and if it’s dark you may not be able to see where you’re walking. Put valuables in a secure, zipped pocket, or better still leave them in the car, or at home.
If you take your phone, keep it on silent and out of sight. Don’t walk around checking your Grindr, it’s just an advert to any potential pickpockets and you might miss guys that are cruising you.

Know where you are

If you are not sure of the area, walk around and check it out when you get there – especially if it’s likely to be dark by the time you leave. Find out where the exits are and where any paths lead to. It’s a good idea to stay fairly close to where most guys are already cruising.

Keep it clear

When you’re cruising there is very little chatter, it’s not a speed dating event. Some guys won’t feel comfortable speaking at all, but if you’re confident and make it clear what you want, the chances are he’ll be more relaxed too. If you want to fuck him, tell him – or take out a condom – and see how he reacts. If you want to get fucked, he’ll definitely get the message if you put a condom on his cock.

Don’t be a hero

there may be times when you want to say no, and don’t be scared too. To try to avoid confrontation, be prepared to raise your voice or push someone away if they continue trying to do something after you’ve said no. If you’re the victim of a crime, like theft, assault or homophobic abuse, or if you witness something happening, you might feel reluctant to go to the police in case you get asked why you were there.
In fact, it’s not against the law to go to a cruising area or even to have consenting sex with someone there, as long as you can’t be seen by other people who might be offended. If you don’t want to contact the local police, you can report an incident to Renaissance at 01253 311431, or you can contact us through our social media accounts, squirt page and grindr profile. We have strong links with the police across Lancashire and work closely with a dedicated officer and Hate Crime Support Workers that can and will offer support in these cases.